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HyperDX describes itself as Open Source Observability Platform where users can run Session Replays that pull Logs, Traces and Errors together into a single view – all without the price tag associated with some of the larger full-spectrum vendors. In the online demo, this certain looks like a cool feature and one which will appeal to developers. The system also boasts a Log Patterns feature, which consolidates related logs into a single entry to aid debugging. The project has presumably been incubating outside Github for a while as its first commit was only made on September 13th of this year. Co-founder Michael Shi was formerly a developer experience lead at Mezmo (previously known as LogDNA).

The platform is built on the hyper-scalable ClickHouse column storage database system and natively supports OpenTelemetry. It aims to be highly competitive on cost - with no charges for hosts or seats - only for data. It supports a number of languages including Python, GoLang and Java - although it doesn't integrate with .NET - which will obviously be a deal-breaker for some.

In terms of platforms, there is integration with AWS and Heroku but not with Azure or GCP - and obviously, you can also self-host. The limited platform and runtime coverage are probably reflective of a project that is still evolving. At the same time, however, it has Y Combinator backing and given that it has amassed 4.8k stars in a matter of weeks, the developers clearly have a following in the community. As well as being active on GitHub they also host a thriving Discord community.

HyperDX Web site
HyperDX Github repo

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