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Grocking for the Grots

The Inaugural Grafana Grot Awards

Most of us maybe use Grafana dashboards for monitoring the health of our K8S clusters or checking up on response times. The user base extends beyond the corporate arena to everything from home hobbyists to major science projects. The Golden Grot awards are an opportunity for graphing and charting ninjas to step into the limelight and show off their Grafana visualisation smarts to the world.

Bringing complex data sets to life in clear and compelling ways takes considerable skill and craft. The dazzling pyrotechnics on show here are a testimony both to skill of the entrants and the power of Grafana itself.

The winning entry (pictured above) in the Personal Category is a really rich tapestry of graphical tooling designed to monitor the current state of European energy infrastructure - obviously not a trivial undertaking. As the winner remarked:“Grafana can be used as a business intelligence tool and not just for technical monitoring and server monitoring.”

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