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Tracetest - Reinventing Testing With OpenTelemetry

If you have implemented OpenTelemetry tracing on your distributed services, then Tracetest have a product which will enable you to leverage your investment and achieve massive time savings for QA's and devs in your organisations.

TraceTest is a testing framework that builds out end-to-end testing processes just by hooking into your OpenTelemetry traces. One of the major blockers for devs and QA's creating tests in distributed environments is that they have difficulty in understanding the flow from initial request through a chain of microservices. Tracetest manages service discovery and exposes paths through a system. It simplifies test creation by actually allowing devs and QA's to create asserts against spans in your OpenTelemetry trace store.

Creating an assert in Tracetest

Set up of the system is actually very simple and doesn't involve much more than pointing the Tracetest admin UI at your OpenTelemetry traces store. Once that task is completed you can be writing tests within minutes. There are already integrations with Grafana K6, Cypress, Vercel and Playwright. The Cypress integration is real force multiplier as it genuinely means being able to create tests running the full request lifecycle. On their web site there are some interesting case studies of how users are integrating Tracetest into their testing scenarios and workflows.

As well as running tests from the web UI you can also use the Tracetest CLI or call tests from your CI/CD pipeline. The product has support for a growing list of tracing backends including Datadog, Honeycomb, Tempo, Sumo Logic, Jaeger and SigNoz.

If you are interested in trying out the product, you can find sample code in GitHub, alternatively you can check out the demo environments.

Tracetest web site

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